Monthly Archives: February 2014

Gentle Face Scrub

It’s in the winter more than any other time where I feel I need to focus on exfoliation. I usually exfoliate about 1-2 times a week. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or acne marks attempting to heal by regenerating new skin, but my face has been super flaky lately. I have oily combination skin which means my forehead, nose, and chin are oily while my cheeks are usually normal but recently both my cheeks and my forehead have been getting flakes after I apply foundation. I’ve noticed that regular scrubs help, especially this one.


2 parts baking soda
1 part warm water

I mix everything together in a bowl or in my hands to make a somewhat thick paste. I try not to let it harden on my face or else it’s more difficult to remove, so instead I wash it off before 5 minutes are up.

This is a gentle exfoliator so you can do it more than once a week, and a tip I’ve picked up is that if you feel you need extra exfoliating, keep a scrub on for longer, rather than scrubbing it into your skin roughly, which can damage your skin. This homemade scrub is especially good for sensitive skin since it’s not too abrasive.