I’ve noticed that Fruits and Passion isn’t the most popular store. Or at least, I feel like most beauty gurus focus on Sephora, Bath & Body Works, and drug stores. I’ve got to say though, after giving Yves Rocher a chance and being thrilled, I kind of want to branch out to places like The Body Shop and Fruits and Passion.

Anyway, I received this hand butter as a gift and decided to throw it in my bag to keep on hold at school and work. Now, I prefer body butter to body lotion, but my skin really isn’t dry enough to warrant using body butter. My hands in the winter, however….

I didn’t even realize this little tube was filled with “hand butter” until I squeezed it in my hands. It moisturized my hands so well! I wouldn’t call it greasy or slippery, just thick and nourishing. This is a great product for people with dry, patchy, red skin. And it smells wonderful! My mom has a strawberry scent and my sister has the avocado, but the Monoï is really something else. I didn’t even know what Monoï is, but according to my fabulous investigating skills (Wikipedia), Monoï oil is made from semi-wax coconut oil coating Tahitian gardenia petals. Heavenly!

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